Thursday, 27 March 2008


Some folks asking me why have I abandoned my blog for some forum;
one point before I miss it: my blog is anything but abandoned. I guess
that settles the insinuation!

It's only in a debased me-first society people do things to please them-
selves...I want to be a part of larger platform with a larger and fresher
reach; with trememdous intent at making profound impact...and I discovered
that in a forum. A forum that associates itself with the best...

A forum that carries the Nigerian colours [green and white] proudly as its
background banner...a forum that flows with green and the purity of white:
it's got to be the best forum- the best Nigerian forum.

Like before, I welcome dearest friends and well-wishers to be part of this
whole new experience of making great!

You get the Monday Jobs, Tuesday Guardian Job Vacancies, Thursday Guardian Job Vacancies,
The Saturday Jobs, Hot Jobs In Naija- Wednesday; even Thank God It's Friday Naija
Hot Jobs...and Sunday? Did you say thou shall not seek jobs on Sundays?

I did go for interview one Sunday like that! Let's look at that too...

Join now! Click

Wednesday, 12 March 2008



It's been a while guys...
I'll be around soon to let
you into my world...

It's getting more than
interesting...keep the faith!

Saturday, 1 March 2008


Dear Friends and Visitors...

I just want you to know about the most resourceful forum-
Nigerian forum with both local and global contents...

A forum that offers you the best in terms of friendship [social
networking et al], fun [entertainment and humour], freedom
[your opinion is not subject unnecessary censure...every voice
is being heard], focus [you can bring your dreams, projects and
careers here], and future [folks in this forum aren't just virtual
chatters; they yearn to share some future communion with fellow
members] cetera et cetera.

It is to this world I invite you all...;inviter=3

It's a whole different idea of what forum has been like in this part
of the clime: It's a forum that fuses hundreds of souls together...
come...let's unite our dreams, our desires, our destinies, our duties,
our desperations, our doubts, our distances, our determinations...

Many forums are run without a human face...because they don't have it.

Nigeria's best forum,;inviter=3
has a human face...
It cares; it dignifies; it appreciates...welcome to a new, different forum!

Join now and invite others!

Nigeria's best forum invites you all!;inviter=3

Nothing compares to it. [I am not paid to do this...I believe in it! ask others.]

See you there...after this time out!

Yours truthfully,


Dear friends...
It's been a while. Yeah that's right. I am awfully sorry about that.
I sure hope I'll be pardoned for the silence...some things about this
blog went beyond my control; and I am saying this with regret.
None the less, since majority of the visitors to this blog have overwhelmingly
voted that job vacancies should be the primary focus of this appears
I will fail them in that resolution - but no!
For the very latest in job vacancies from Tuesday and Thursday Guardian
newspapers you can go to:
I really want to thank you all for being part of this's not over till
it's over. I've not said goodbye...and by no means do I mean goodbye
to this blog.
Till we meet again...keep the hope alive; while there's life, there's hope!