Monday, 18 February 2008



welcome to fool’s paradise
where exists no parasite
about a new craze me a neophyte
of this thing called web site
first is me looking for email
that my pal me could exchange mail
to do this me will fail
for my email address reads:
to this no one hooks up
soon this email packs up

ozie says email’s nothing
that i should get something
something live and direct
to hook up with the wild wild world
ozie says web site is something
me then should get a web site
a world wide window for me a neophyte
that goes faster than email and pmail

as me finishes reading ozie’s correspondence
should me say what coincidence
i raise my head in my residence
catch sight a buxom spider spinning her own web of residence
at a conspicuous site in my residence
in my presence
elated my eyes shine bright
and my joy knows no height
i watch this spider with delight
spinning its web to fabricate
a wide web intricate
for me to communicate

this spider me removes from its site
for other sites she could fabricate
and me communicate
at every spun web this spider me will extricate
eureka! me finds a web site to participate
to the wide wild world to communicate
through this web site intricate
me then calls ozie to investigate
my exquisite site

ozie calls me a
but me likes that name
and names my web site:
www dot fool don’t com!

[wrote this poem in 2001; then i knew nothing about internet. there was this friend of mine who always told me about the fascinating net…i didn’t care much. ozie would never believe am blogging now! my friend is late!]