Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Having low self-esteem takes an enormous toll on the quality of your life. You take fewer risks, which limits your opportunities, both personally and professionally. You are reluctant to voice or acknowledge your needs. You are probably also haunted by past mistakes and making future ones.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.
Whenever you compare yourself to others you will likely end up seeing yourself in a negative light. Being yourself is the best model of good self-esteem. Be who you want to be and do, always keep in mind you are better than somebody.

2. Stop putting yourself down!
You cannot develop a high self-esteem if you constantly repeat negative comments about your skills and abilities. Also do not beat yourself up over ‘mistakes’ that you have made – learn how to reframe them so that they work for you. Focus on successful achievement and move on.

3.Use affirmations to raise your self-esteem.
If you can program your mind to repeat negative phrases about yourself and see the effect, then you can also get into the habit of continually thinking and making positive statements about yourself, and experience the positive feelings about your statements. Also use inspirational quotes to boost your self-esteem.

4. Accept compliments graciously.
Do not dismiss compliments. If you do, you send a message to yourself that you do not deserve it or you are not worthy of praise. This reflects low self-esteem.

5. Take advantage of life coaching programmes.
Attend workshops and read books on how to raise your self-esteem. This helps to develop in you a more positive attitude. Whatever positive material you see or read, act on what you have learnt. This means that it will plant itself in your mind and dominate your behaviour. Nourish your mind with positive thoughts.

6. Mix with positive and supportive people.
Who you associate with influences your thoughts, actions and behaviour. When you are surrounded by supportive people, you feel better about yourself, which helps to raise your self-esteem.

7.Acknowledge your positive attributes.
Learn how to truly affirm and value your many excellent qualities. People with low self-esteem constantly put themselves down and don’t appreciate their positive attributes.

8.Do not suppress your feelings.
Not voicing or acknowledging your needs means that you are probably tolerating more than you should. Find out what you’re putting up with and lower your tolerance. By doing so, you’re giving yourself the message that you’re worth it.

9.Involve yourself in work and activities that you love.
So many people with low self-esteem stop doing those activities that they most enjoy. Even if you’re not in a position to make immediate changes in your career, you can still devote some of your leisure time to enjoyable hobbies and activities.

10. Start taking action!
The universe rewards action. Avoiding challenges means that your self- esteem muscles become weak and flabby. When you start taking action, regardless of the outcome you will begin to feel better about yourself, develop yourself confidence and raise your self esteem.

***Culled from Bottomline July-Aug 2005

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