Tuesday, 12 February 2008


ethereal thread of umbilical cord untied
from the august visitor
maternity agog and the wildfire of good news
spread on to the plateau of Jos
happiness rent the air in kisses and tears

the cries of pain imploded into infantile wail
oh like mother like son
the august sun stood still and shimmered on the
soft splattered smile of the face welcomed by every race
in this world there’s for everyone a place

where’s the father?
he heard the news and the happiness was bringing
him home from the Mambilla
this is the birth of a new breath of life
come home quick and kiss the bundle of bliss

in suns and moons to come
what will the august son bring?
with dreamy brown eyes delicately buried in fragile sockets
he seemed to be telling them
the days ahead are housed in dungeon of dreams…
i am the dreamer the liberator.

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