Saturday, 23 February 2008

Clarification Operator:

Responsible to operation of clarification chemical treatment, preparation of process chemicals. Responsible to operate scum clarification process and sugar dissolving equipment. Responsible to control clarification and maintain process parameters at clarification equipment under instruction of process supervisor and superintendent.

Experience: 4 years minimum in refine clarification operation capacity. Minimum qualification: Diploma Food Chemistry / Chemistry in secondary school.

Melting Operator:

Responsible to operation of storage raw sugar belt conveyors, raw sugar silo, raw sugar mingler; maintain process parameter and quantity of sugar flow to process.

Experience in operation raw sugar handling and affixation equipment. Qualification: minimum secondary school.


Planning and implementation of equipment maintenance strategies to meet milling and allied operations. Supervising the maintenance crew in the execution of their daily tasks. Effective documentation of equipment and facilities for good monitory information and asset care management. Planning and implementation of maintenance requirement and costing in relation to maintenance plan and budget. Operator to liquor evaporation equipment and monitor parameter.

Experience: 4 years minimum.
Qualification: secondary school

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