Saturday, 23 February 2008


Experience in welding of steam pipe, liquid pipe lines.
Experience: 5 years in welding pipeline and equipment.
Qualification: secondary school / welding certificate holder preferable.


Repairs and maintenance of instruments at the field. Monitor performance and inspection of filed instruments. Knowledge on basic instrument calibration. Capable to interpret and use P & ID, interconnection drawing. Understand PLC based controls and system.

Experience: 2-4 years in sophisticated process industries.
Qualification: ND / C & G grade 2 TTC equivalent technical qualification instrumentation or electrical and electronics.


Takes samples of products at various stages of processing. Examine ingredients or finished products by sight, touch, taste and smell or weigh materials to ensure conformance to company standards. Conduct routine tests for product specifications such as colour, carbonation, moisture content, temperature and packaging. Grade or sort raw materials or finished products. Ensure hygiene and sanitation practices conform to policies and regulations. Advise supervisors of ingredient of product deficiencies.

Experience: 3 years in field.
Qualification: secondary school minimum

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