Wednesday, 13 February 2008


resplendent rays trickle in
through the cumulus cloth
of sky-high firmament...
flickering flashes of brilliant illumination
set high heavens ablaze in haloed glory

and a beauty peeks...
a pristine eastern magic
with eyeballs like iridescent nuggets
her royal majesty of radiance
an inspiring sparkle of a new dawn
...and the clouds and the winds
and the ground below do obeisance

her words come in dazzling brilliance
of celestial lights
her passion is warming
and her anger searing
she blesses the day warming up a cold
heart of despair...

she is light in darkness...
a passionate visitor that wants to stay for ever
she' s the sun that never sets
the shine that never fades nor flickers
always there like Joshua's sun
Sun sets in the West...
smouldering into ashes of looming night
a live coal begetting cold impotent ashes
but in the heart the sun burns unburnt
with the heart the sun never sets
my sunshine

the rainbow that brightens
may you never set
like Joshua's sun that stood still
may the clouds of life's cares
never hold your shining in its covering cloth...
sunshine you're the glory of the dawn
may your iridescent face
always shine with smiles
and from a trillion miles
may your bliss reach the West...
you're the sun you're the shine
the sparkle of a glorious dawn
the dream of a starry night
may your life's sun always shine.

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