Saturday, 16 February 2008


CHARISMATIC and soft-spoken, Wayne seemed to be exactly what Karen was looking for in a husband. “He was everything I had ever prayed and hoped for,” said Karen. “Everyone who saw us thought we were just perfect together. He made out that he idolized the ground I walked on.”

There was a problem, however. Wayne told Karen that he was third in charge of the Australian Secret Intelligence Organization. He wanted to resign, but they would not permit that. He knew too much. They would kill him! Together the couple worked out a plan. They would marry, pool their assets, leave Australia, and flee to Canada. Karen sold her home along with everything she owned and entrusted the money to Wayne.

The wedding took place as planned. Wayne fled the country, but Karen was left behind, abandoned, with less than six dollars in the bank. She soon learned that she had been caught in a web of elaborate lies woven for the sole purpose of defrauding her. Like an actor, Wayne had assumed a role—a role tailor-made to appeal to her.

His background, his interests, his personality, and his professed love for her were fabrications to win her trust—a trust that cost her more than $200,000. A police officer stated: “She’s been emotionally raped. You put the money aside—it’s just incredible how much hurt can be done to a person.”

Does the above sound far-fetched? Far from it! You may fall for such
Situation; but you are likely to fall for similar ones. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

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