Saturday, 9 February 2008


THIRD-WEEK…Home-front has begun to fade out. More time now spent in the office. I was privileged to be drafted into the organization’s editorial board. There were articles to write and submit. I tried hard- very very hard to put pen to paper. Nothing surfaced. I scratched my big contorted fragile head the very way a fowl would scratch a clean concrete floor for bits to peck- how futile! O is this my first fumble for Grand Dome? I hope sey I no go lose my job for this. I began to say a silent prayer: Holy Father, begotten Son, take this cup from me- I no fit drink wetin dey inside!” “Wetin dey inside-olodo”, a voice boomed. “No be mass comm. you read? Drink am- and be ready for more.” I began to whine: “unholy Satan, why hath thou cometh here to look for me- dem send you? Get thee behind me, now now”. It was a tough moment. My entire system was in feverish disarray. I had to go unwind in the gents. Oh why! Why has everyone forsaken me? Thursday - Saturday. I began facing reality- the present reality-more than ever before. I was getting involved fully…how inspiring to work with loving, hardworking colleagues. Yahoo!... “Hello?” I picked up my phone saying. “Bawo ni dear?” Asked the voice at the other end. ”Who’s speaking please?” “Phoebe lo nsoro…” “Phoebe?” “Why are you sounding like Thomas,” she retorted. “I just want to tell you…it has happened o!” “What?” “Ti e serious fun one minute jo…am pregnant for you!” she gleefully announced. “Wrong number!” I ended the call. Imagine, how could I impregnate someone I have never met before - my brother, tell me.

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