Saturday, 9 February 2008


FOURTH-WEEK… Oh la la…Pay-day approaches! The first day dragged on like one over-bloated dragon breathing smoke instead of fire. Yet, it sure dragged over and became yesterday. Day-two was tough and tempting…Third-day was ok. Pay-day appeared very much on the horizon. I was in total ecstasy, body and soul. Then my cell phone rang… “Y’hellooo!” I responded. “Hey, smart guy…” the voice began. “Who you?” I asked. “It’s Phoebe. Am coming down to your office tomorrow!” First, I was enraged. Then confused…what adjectives could I use? My vocab failed me. I had flung my cell phone-o mercy! It landed safely in a bin. “It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. Phoebe-it wasn’t me!” I said sobbing. And tomorrow arrived…. Phoebe would soon arrive. I was stone confused. But, who is this pest pestering my life? God knew I did not know… 6p.m., ready to go home. Phoebe never showed up. Indeed, she called the wrong number. Back home. “Hey, kaabo-bawo ni office?” “Where’s the bullion van that brought you home?” “Is it Ghana-must-go-bag that you used?” “Pleasssse, can everyone just relax-what’s happening?” “Wey ya salary?” my little nephew finally asked. Salary? Could you believe-I forgot to collect my first salary ever in life! A month has just ended…but, the future lies ahead….

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